David Oyedepo on Corona virus (Must Watch) : a plot to distabilize the growth & expansion of the church (video)

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Oyedepo on corona virus

The Founder and Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide AKA Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo says there is something else entirely to the Corona virus than a Pandemic.

As indicated by David Oyedepo from a disclosure He got from God the coronavirus pandemic was a ploy and method from the realm of obscurity to destabilize the development and extension of the congregation and to eradicate the realm of God yet that the entryways of damnation will not beat the congregation.

Serving at his Canaanland International Headquarters in Otta Ogun state Nigeria on the message “Divulging the miracles of being focused on cooperation”, Bishop Oyedepo said that Covid-19 was focused at the congregation.

He stated: “the powers of dimness are affecting individuals and specialists at different levels universally targeted at the congregation because the development and extension of the congregation is the best cerebral pain of the fiend.

He further referenced the Bible sacred writing where it said that any pack facing the congregation will come up short.

“View, they will without doubt gather, yet not by me: whosoever will assemble against thee will succumb to thy purpose”. Isaiah 54:15.

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